June 7, 2011
من وين أنت؟

From this month’s JO Magazine. This is a series of photo illustrations I did for an article on Third Culture Kids in Jordan (The title, “Min Wein Inta” simply means “Where are you from?”). It’s been a long time since I’ve done any kind of design work really, and I spent a long time struggling with the concept for this. Then I came home tonight, checked my email and had a couple messages complimenting how the images turned out. Which made me happy.

Have to say, it was fun to work on something normally out-of-bounds in journalism— one of the perks of working at a magazine. At one point my editors and I were debating whether it was ethical to flip one of the photos so they would face the other way— and just looked at each other and laughed. That would clearly be the least manipulative thing done to these images. 

And today a Jordanian-Palestinian asked me if I was half-Arab. Have I actually changed this much? Most days I still feel pretty solidly ‘ajnabi.

(Source: jo.jo)

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